Piano tuning, voicing, action regulation

Tune the piano. ( Setting the strings to the correct pitch. )
Voice the hammers. ( Adjusting how hard the hammers are for a consistant tone, from brilliant to mellow. )
Action regulation: file hammers, adjust all screws-springs-hammer line-let offs for crisp feel, lube all flanges.

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Install QRS player systems, repair both QRS and Piano Disc systems.

This is a player piano system that pushes the keys with electric solenoids.
The system duplicates the performers dynamics.
It is controlled wireless from your iPad, phone or computer.
The back ground music comes out of a speaker. ( vocals and instruments )

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Install Damp Chaser climate control systems.

This is a system that adds or takes away moisture to the sound board. The goal for the humidistat is to keep the moisture content level at 45 percent. With less flexing of the wood it helps keep the piano in tune and gives better life for the sound board, bridges and ribs.
On a vertical style piano the action also gets the benefit because it's in the same chamber.

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Thomas M Ruka, Milwaukee, WI
I have known Mike for quite some time, he is an excellent piano technician, possibly the very best in our area.
Debbie Endres, Franklin, WI
Mike provides meticulous detail and care. My old piano is now renewed and sounds totally different than it did before. Honest evaluation, not pushy. Technically the best. My favorite part is listening to his playing at the end! Highest of recommendations!
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